Commercial insurance

Personalized and conscientious service

We know that your company is invaluable. Thanks to our extensive insurer network, we can analyze all the options available to you and negotiate the best coverage. So no matter what business sector you’re in, we’re available to help you find the ideal solution to properly protect your business.

Commercial sectors

We can provide coverage for all types of business risks:

  • •  Distributors, retailer and wholesalers 
    •  General contractors
    •  Service providers
    •  Manufacturers
    •  Property owners
    •  Information and technology

Insurance products

•  Property and building insurance

•  Contents, equipment and stock insurance

•  Loss of revenue and business interruption insurance

•  Equipment breakdown insurance

•  Civil liability

– Potential claims, in particular for bodily harm, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury.

Your business is thriving, so why not prevent disasters? Umbrella liability insurance is specifically designed to:

•  Provide additional insurance amounts over those in basic policies.

•  Insure risks often excluded from basic policies.

•  Take over once the basic insurance limits have been exhausted.

•  To meet the legal obligation to compensate for injury caused to others.

•  Covering risk related to working as a self-employed professional or as a group of professionals.

•  The purpose of Builders Risk Insurance is to protect the work and material of owners, contractors and subcontractors against physical damages and theft during a construction project.

•  Wrap-up liability insurance protects owners, contractors and subcontractors against legal liability arising from damage caused to a third party for a specific construction project.

•  A surety bond is not an insurance policy, but rather a credit instrument. It is meant to protect the beneficiary from the principal debtor’s failure to fulfill a contractual obligation.

•  Construction is the sector where surety bonds are most frequently used. The guarantor makes a commitment with the owner or prime contractor that the contractor will fulfill the agreed-upon contract. The guarantor provides for and grants a financial guarantee if the contractor defaults on its obligations under the contract.

•   Protection against the risk of sudden or accidental environmental damage or pollution.

•  A directors and officers insurance policy is a key element of any company’s risk management program. It protects the company against claims such as negligence, false statements, libel, failure to provide information and the liabilities arising from claims brought by shareholders, creditors, competitors, clients, government organizations and employees.

•  Automobile insurance policies are contracts regulated by all Canadian provincial authorities, as well as most, if not all, foreign government authorities. Nonetheless, we have the expertise to help you improve the scope of their coverage in order to cover situations where there is a need for broader protection, especially outside Canada.

•  Protection against breaches of personal information, identity theft and fraud.

•  The risks of malicious cyberattacks continue to grow in severity and complexity, in a context in which we are increasingly interconnected, particularly through the Internet of Things, cloud computing services and the 5G network.

•  Loss arising from employee dishonesty and third parties, as well as other loss of property, money and your other valuable assets.

Specialized insurance

If you have special or very specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll find the best solution for your particular situation.